Japanese Bath Time

When do you take a bath? I mean, take a shower?

For most Japanese people, it’s at evening or night.

American people take a shower in the morning, and start your day with refreshed feeling. On the other hand, we, Japanese people, prefer to go to our bed with clean bodies by a shower.

Might as you know, Japanese like a bath time. It’s not rare to soak and relax in a hot bath at night. Just a shower would be minority.

Also, it would be strange to you, we share the hot bath water with our family members. If someone takes a bath, others take it, too. For it, we have reheat system at our bathroom. If we press a bottom, and the bath is reheated.

The sharing is normal thing for us. … I know it’s gross for most of you!

However, the Japanese regard cleanliness. It means there is unspoken rules for our bath time.

First, we wash us before taking a bath. Then, we can take a bath. After taking a bath, we wash us one more time.

Japanese people do over work naturally everyday, and back to home and take a bath with these rules.

That’s about Japanese bath time. They are a little serious and sensitive.