Treasure Hunt

I would often be a treasure hunter in the U.S.

In Japan, there are a lot of things which is from America. For Japanese people, AMERICAN is cool and makes trend. So, shopping in the U.S. is really fun for us. This time, I write how interesting getting cosmetics in the U.S.

At Target, there are many kinds of affordable items. Trying them is fun for Japanese people who are interested in cosmetics. even though most of them are for teenager. I saw COVER GIRL mascara in a long time. I remember I got about 20 mascaras in Guam when I was a high school student. I loved the brand at that time, so I got such a large amount. Surely, some months later, it was too dry to use. It’s a bitter memory.

At Whole Foods Market, I felt my heart was beating fast with an array of organic cosmetics. In Japan, a store that specializes in organic cosmetics is very popular. Therefore, if we see them at foods stores, we can’t help feel excited. The price was lass than half compared with in Japan. I remember I felt so lucky that I got a lot. But actually, it was not always lucky because I bought unnecessary items.

The most interesting place to hunt was TJMaxx. I found really good items which was brand like clinique, estee lauder. If I saw a good item, I had to buy it without thinking. If I hadn’t done it, I couldn’t see it next time. Exactly, it is a treasure hunt. Perhaps you see people who is watching cosmetics carefully. I know they are treasure hunters.

Also, outlet is crazy. The price is so affordable that I worried about the stores. Before visiting Japan, I bought large amount of cosmetics there every time. If I did so, them gave me wonderful free gifts. Thanks, outlet! I felt kind of cold looks from people, but I didn’t care because the hunt was really fun.

Still now, I live in Japan, I remember and want to go to America to buy cosmetics when I have run out of a cosmetics which I got there. I can get many items with the cost which is travel expenses, though. Still, I would like to pay for treasure hunt,